Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving and Personal Update

Hi there everyone, 

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't get too crazy with shopping tomorrow.

Well, since the last time I was on here a lot has happened.  

I went back to my hometown, Houston Tx, for my high school reunion and had an absolute blast.

I also had the opportunity to work with some extremely lovely and talented ladies in some extremely interesting photo shoots.  Candi Hearts, Cherie Love, Claribel Martinez, and Sonia Ybarra were the consummate professionals and total joy to work with.

I have to tell you that the entire photo community in Houston is fantastic and I have been inspired to take my work to an entirely new level, direction and style.  

Now for the not so great news.  Last Wens ( 16th) I had an Angiogram done to check out a situation with my heart.  The procedure found an even bigger problem, and a small miracle too.

I have one artery that is totally blocked and another that has two partial blockages, and will be having a triple heart bypass surgery in the very near future, actually probably before Christmas.  The small miracle was that my body created a brand new artery to feed the side of the heart that has the total blockage.  The bad part though, the new artery runs off the one with the partial blockage.

So needless to say, I am looking at at least a week in the hospital with 2 to 3 months rehab.  

When I am able I will be back shooting with new ideas, new direction and new style.  I am actually looking forward to the new me.

If I do not get back on this before Christmas, I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful, fun filled holiday.



Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Family Member

Well, once again I didn't check out the Pet Smart before going in, here is the result....can't let my wife in a Pet Smart if they are having a Siamese adoption....

He is a Snowshoe Siamese, whom has been named Mokka.

He is 4 months old....

Exciting, not

Now that is a way to spend a some what interesting evening.  Around 8:15 our time we had a really serious thunderstorm come rolling through Las Vegas, and then bam, no power...and right in the middle of not only was I doing some edits, but I was just about ready to post on is now 10:15 local time and we now have power, yea!!

Ok, now back to business.  I did a wonderful shoot today with a first time model named Emily.  A very lovely lady who is a joy to work with.  I will be posting a couple of her images here tomorrow.  

I am also am embarking on two new projects.

One, I am going to be doing my version of the styling of George Hurrell.  This man in my humble opinion was one of the greatest photographers that has ever lived.  I absolutely love his work.  I have enclosed a couple of shots that I have done with the lovely Marisela.  Hope you like them.

My other project for the summer wilbe a whole series just using a single light source in studio, and night shooting on location with the available lighting.  Here are a couple of examples using the lovely Courtney.

If anyone is interested in participating in these projects please give me a call:  702.250.6472.


Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to each and everyone of you.  I hope you all are having a wonderful time with friends and family.  Please be safe, play safe and if your drinking, please do something, anything to make sure you make it home alive and allow others to also make it home alive..

Being a former Active Duty Marine (C Co, and H&S Co, 1st Btn, 5th Mar, 1st MarDiv) I would like to ask everyone to take just a moment of your weekend and say an invocation to what ever Supreme Being you believe in,  for those that are currently risking everything to ensure that we sleep unmolested in our homes and cities, and all those who came before that did what they believed was necessary, to ensure that those of us who came behind, would share in the ability to live in a free and open society.

Be safe


Friday, March 25, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Hi there everyone, as the little girl in the move Poltergeist would say "He's back!!!!!"  

This has been a fun couple of months.  I first caught this little bug that has been going around Vegas, nice little flu...then I started to get better, and proceeded to give the bug to my wonderful wife......she was very appreciative....and just as I was getting better...BAM!!!  Relapse...and then the coughing started!  

On the last of three trips to the Dr. here I found out that this bug will give you about 7-10 days of flu then about 4-6 weeks of trying to cough up one of both lungs.  

The coughing fits were unbelievable!  For the first time I actually coughed until I almost blacked out.  When they give you cough meds, that are prescription only and it looks like cloudy honey, you know its serious.

Well I can honestly say I am pretty much all better.  I still cough just a bit, nothing serious, and the wife is getting better also.  

So, like the title said, I am back in the saddle again (insert either Gene Autry or Aerosmith music) and going to get to shooting again.

If there is anyone still checking this blog I would like to thank you for hanging in there with me and promise that the updates will be coming much more regularly.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year

Yea, I know its late, but this year has been a total joy so far........between me being sick, and my wife being sick, January has been an absolute joy to have experienced.

But things are getting better.  After enduring almost a week in a NyQuil induced comma, the coughing and sneezing have eased and I am feeling much better.  Good enough to even go to a Wranglers Hockey game this afternoon.  

Stay tuned more to come, will be updating on a weekly basis from here on.