Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello everyone.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and is getting ready for the tax season.  I myself will be meeting with the tax guy in a week and seeing where things go from there.

I will not bore everyone with the details other than say that it was not the greatest health wise.  I celebrated one year post bypass by finding that I have some other problems that need dealing with.

So, if anyone sees a grumpy old guy in either a gym or hiking around Vegas, it's probably me.  I am fighting back by getting back in shape and eating right.  And I HATE THE GYM!!!!

Planning and working on some things that will take Baron's Photography to the next level for 2013.

Baron's Photography is now shooting weddings, and we work closely with Rev. Kymberli Smith.  Here is her link:  You will not find a better Officiant in Las Vegas.  So, if your considering getting hitched, or know someone who is, have them check out her site.

Now to the good  Here are some shots from some shoots over the last week.

Here is the lovely Anjel M.

And here is the beautiful, Judy D.

And the stunning Yvonne D.

I will be posting about every week to 14 days so please come back and check out how things are going and more previews of more work from Baron's Photography.