Friday, March 25, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Hi there everyone, as the little girl in the move Poltergeist would say "He's back!!!!!"  

This has been a fun couple of months.  I first caught this little bug that has been going around Vegas, nice little flu...then I started to get better, and proceeded to give the bug to my wonderful wife......she was very appreciative....and just as I was getting better...BAM!!!  Relapse...and then the coughing started!  

On the last of three trips to the Dr. here I found out that this bug will give you about 7-10 days of flu then about 4-6 weeks of trying to cough up one of both lungs.  

The coughing fits were unbelievable!  For the first time I actually coughed until I almost blacked out.  When they give you cough meds, that are prescription only and it looks like cloudy honey, you know its serious.

Well I can honestly say I am pretty much all better.  I still cough just a bit, nothing serious, and the wife is getting better also.  

So, like the title said, I am back in the saddle again (insert either Gene Autry or Aerosmith music) and going to get to shooting again.

If there is anyone still checking this blog I would like to thank you for hanging in there with me and promise that the updates will be coming much more regularly.


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